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One of the services we offer with your free website is site restoration. Sometimes, for many reasons, your site may disappear or you just get a blank page when you visit your website. 99.99% of the times, it's due to hackers that hacked your site. When that happens, if you did not prepare for it, you have to start from scratch and build it again. It can be very painful to rebuild it based on the size of your website. If you host your website with us and we build it for you, we take care of that for you during the development process. This is one of many reasons that you need to have your website build by BUILDMYFREEWEBSITE.NET.



Mr. Frederic did an excellent job building my website for the following reason: He coached me through the entire process. He was very PROFESSIONAL and PROMPT! He valued my opinion, encouraged feedback and was willing to change any aspect of my website to make it “my way”. The personal...

Jul 22, 2013

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