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apply f2 Database Set Up
apply f2 Unlimited Pages
apply f2 Contact Form
apply f2 Small E. Shop
apply f2 CC Payment Syst
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Create my free website is in the business of creating free professional websites for all who are qualified, starting from west palm beach to all  counties and Florida as a whole. Whatever you need, we will build it for you – free of course as long you buy the hosting from us. We build affordable web design and websites. We are the free West Palm Beach web building/making company – a unique company that pleases all its customers by making sure their requirements are met.  We make no exceptions, church websites, non-profit websites or NGO’s, small business websites, all are welcome.

 Each free website is professionally built to suit each customer design needs. Plus, the website will be a dynamic site that changes dynamically whenever a change is made on the backend. Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0 content management system will be used to build each free website based on the client project requirements. Each customer is required to host his or her free website with our hosting company in order to be qualified to have his or her free website built by our team.

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Mr. Frederic did an excellent job building my website for the following reason: He coached me through the entire process. He was very PROFESSIONAL and PROMPT! He valued my opinion, encouraged feedback and was willing to change any aspect of my website to make it “my way”. The personal...

Jul 22, 2013

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